Here is some more information on my one day workshops:

1. PRE-MEETING (separate day)

- We'll briefly meet at my office or studio and go over your goals and expectations.

- Please bring a set of your printed images so that I can gauge where you're at. This is NOT a portfolio review and I will not give you feedback on individual images. Seeing your images and hearing your goals will help me customize your experience.

- This is where we figure out what you want to do and what I think we need to work on.

- Once we agree on the workshop content I'll give your a draft syllabus and a receipt for your payment (cash, local check, or cc)

- BRING 10-30 prints (no digital images, please) and your gear (so I know what we can play with)


- We'll meet at a predetermined location, which can range from my office (e.g. post-processing workshop) to my studio (e.g. macro workshop) to a field location (e.g. street or nature photo workshop)

- Meals are not included. We'll either bring snacks or go somewhere for lunch. This will depend on the location of the shoot/s and the time of day.

- We can break the workshop up into two or even three meetings depending on content and location

- I reserve the right to cancel/postpone any meeting due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances. I will do my best to accommodate a make-up session as soon as possible.

- BRING all camera gear (as discussed), notebook, pens, water, snacks, etc. If shooting outdoors also hat, sunscreen, long sleeves, sturdy footwork.


- Equipment and gear

- Aperture

- Focus

- Light/ing

- Composition

- Motion

- Low light

- Macro

- Architectural

- Nature

- Street

- Water

- Trip Planning