1 DAY one-on-one

We can work on topics ranging from purely technical (Intro to DSLR, Lightroom Workflow, etc.) to super creative (Creativity Challenge, Lightpainting, etc.). Or we'll work out a unique agenda tailored to your specific needs (Improving Exposure, Composition, etc.)    Read more

1 DAY group

You can choose one of my 1 DAY Light Courses or I'll create a custom agenda that matches your particular interest.

1 DAY Light Courses

Intro to Digital Photography (beginner to intermediate / DSLR or P&S)

Pro-Photography Workflow (incl. Bridge, Photoshop, Lightroom, Topaz, HDR Pro)

Creativity Challenge (any level: boost your creativity and challenge yourself with a series of short projects)

Shooting Sunrise & Sunsets (beginner to intermediate)

Motion Photography: From Long Exposure to Stop Exposure (intermediate)
Beyond Snapshots: From Taking Images to Making Images (intermediate-advanced)

Special Topics (Using Basic Filters for Optimal Effects, How to Read MTF Charts, Image File Formats, Composition Beyond the Basics, etc.)

1 WEEK Photo Tours

Groups consist of 6-10 participants and the trips are one week in length. You can combine multiple trips (e.g. Oahu+Maui+Kauai, Germany+Austria, 2 week southwest loop, etc.). Please email me with your interest.

1 WEEK Tours


Florida Keys - next: monthly (December - April)

Oahu, Maui or Kauai - next: unscheduled

Southwest Loop (New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Colorado) - next: May 2017

South Florida (Key West, FL Keys, Everglades, Miami, South Beach) - next: Feb 2016, March2016

National Parks (by request)

NEW: Desert in Bloom: Southern California - next: April 22-29, 2017


Castles, Rivers and Wine Country of Germany - next: upon request

Vienna, Austria - next: upon request